Surprising Facts About Pakistan

They are away from home for months now. These trucks. Do have a particular name. They are called jingle trucks
And they are known more commonly in Karachi and usually it’s just trucks that are decorated not really cars or vans
Now one thing that even surprised me is Pakistan has an extremely large irrigation system
And when I say extremely large, it’s actually the largest irrigation system in the entire world
This is the Indus [basin] and it serves
[14] Point 4 million hectares of land with a total length of the canals equaling fifty eight thousand five hundred kilometers
And although Pakistan may not be a giant country compared to like Canada the United States or Australia
Pakistan sits at the Fifth Highest country in
irrigated land area with a whopping [200] and [2,000] kilometers squared which if you compare it to
America it has only two hundred and [sixty-four] thousand kilometers square now Pakistan is also the fourth largest country in
Internet growth, you know it’s hard to get an exact amount of how many people use the internet
But some sources saying it has 35 million users which is about 18% of the population.

manga is one of the world’s most famous?

Wildlife preserve near Lahore and at one [point] it was considered the world’s largest man-made forest my reports began in
1866 by British Foresters however in the Last Century
It’s lost 60% of the forests due to deforestation


2001 news broke out and since then there have been attempts to replace the artificial forests now in our last couple of videos we also
Talked about how Pakistan has the sixth largest military force throughout the world, but how big is this army?
Well firstly their army has an age group of 16 to about [49] years old with an active personnel of approximately [600]
13,000 with
513 thousand People being on reserve
I don’t think I’ve ever seen the reserve unit almost matched the active unit that is pretty insane you asked for spending money on its
Military it ranks at 25th in the world when it [comes] to spending again
It is also hard to say how much the military truly spends on its efforts
But some reports say that it spends seven point six billion dollars
Across its six sections of its military from army to navy to the air force [and] [last] but not least guys
Let’s talk about polo because it’s a pretty popular sport in the country because we can’t forget that
Pakistan also hosts the highest Polo field in the world. It’s called the shandur top
which is located in [gil] great, Pakistan, and it is more commonly known as [the]
[Rooftop] of the world the field hosts yearly competitions between gilgit and shit roll at an elevation of
12,000 feet.

We hope you guys really enjoyed learning a lot more about this great country the great country known as Pakistan
But feel free to leave a comment down [there] below guys we want to do more for you if you guys want to learn.

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