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Toyota Passo 2007 – A Practical Hatchback in Pakistan

Hi my name is Omar and today we are
going to review Toyota Paso let me tell
you a little bit about Toyota Paso
Toyota introduced Paso in 2004 and the
first generation stayed in production
till 2010 this is 2007 model that we are
going to review today if someone asked
me to define Toyota Passos first
generation in one word I would say it’s

practical and why I would say it’s
practical let me show you this car has a
lot of cupholders there are two in the
front two at the back and one in each
front door a total of six cupholders in
a car that has seating capacity for five
now that’s some smart Japanese thinking

you would be spending over
now as you can see the space between the
suit two seats is a lot like it’s more
than in a regular card and you can put
in anything let’s just see a cell phone
like this there’s still space around
maybe I can put in my glasses next to it
and a lot of space in the middle then
under the center console you have
approximately five inches of opening and
you can put something over there then
under the glove compartment there is a
deep space important stuff the glove
compartment itself is not that big as
you can see it’s divided in two portions
each cluster itself has a couple of
options as you can see there is strip a
then trip B this is current average of
the car this is the overall average on
this fuel tank and that is the odometer
apart from that you can see the time is

there then the fuel gauge is there and
pretty basic otherwise but its
practicality nothing fancy unlike fossil
has its gearshift on the steering column
so you press the brake
reverse neutral drive and so forth and
the handbrake is in your foot so this is
a foot brake not a handle this is how
you apply it
release release Sunrisers have a mirror
each again practical in the interior you
get one two and three lights
practicality rear seats are split in a
60/40 ratio which means if you have just
one small bag you don’t lose a lot of
space you still have room for four
people to sit in the car let me show you
my most favorite feature in this car
this is by far the best feature offered
in Toyota Paso I don’t know why other
car manufacturers don’t do this or a
matter other as a matter of fact even
Toyota does not offer it in all of their
hatchbacks so if you’re a car
manufacturer and watching this this is
something you should do let me show you
what I’m talking about so you pull this
latch and the seat goes down and at the
back you have another liver this liver
you gotta pull up and you have a flat
bed a completely flat bed this is not
something that you get in any of the
other hatchbacks and as a result the

trunk and the rear seat portion are at
two different levels which is not really
friendly when you’re putting luggage in
the car but with this one you have the
complete flat bed and you are able to
put the luggage and have three
passengers in the car as you can see I’m
sitting in the rear seat the front seat
is recline all the way back and
I am comfortable that’s practical
seating capacity now this car comes with
four headrests and they are all
independently adjustable like I said I
don’t love everything about this car for
instance that the music system now this
is an aftermarket music system and the
reason we had to get it changed is
because the original one which is right
here does not come with USB port
auxiliary port FM is limited to 89 which
is a standard in all Japanese car so
this one does not look that pretty but I
had to get it done
one more thing that I absolutely hate
about this car is this the in
speedometer itself it seems like the car
was totally completed and they designed
everything and then they remember oh we
forgot to put in the speedometer so the
seat color of this car in environment
needs constant maintenance as you can
see it’s everything is not all good
about Paso there are certain things that
I personally feel either they are not
there or they’re pretty weird first let
me show you here in a normal car even a
Suzuki these days you get three of those
grips not in Paso you only get the one
grip at the front and then there are two
grips at the back which are not there so
this car only has one at the front the
rear two are missing which should have

been there a car with all these nice
features theater should have given the
two grips at the back another thing this
is one of the hanger holders over here
now you can hang maybe a bag of yogurt
or a shopping bag or something here if
you want to use it as a coat hanger I
don’t see how you will be able to do
this I mean this is just two feet above
the ground can you really do hang your
coat hanger I mean you can only do that
if you’re a midget or something maybe
if I say that the car does 0 to 60 and
so and so minutes and laughs laughs that
would not be a fair comparison it would
be like judging the capabilities of an
elephant by the its abilities to climb a
tree glass-like Paso and similar other
gods in the market which are the same
dealing with the same customer base
these cars are for daily purpose daily
usage balloons and
the ability of these cars is how you can
maneuver them in the traffic how
comfortable the driver is the fuel
economy these are the things that you
judge such cars on this car being a
Japanese import
comes with a lot of big cities and
features which is in all the similar
Japanese import doors
when this came out in 2007
if you compare those features with the
cars that are coming out now
like the recent Mira yes or the newer
version of mass or something like that
those cars would have a lot more
accessories and the features compared to
this car but

at the time and it came in 2007 this car
was pretty decent with the Lord of toys
that were available to offer in the car
of this segment
and the fuel average with a light board
with AC in the city is approximately
eleven and a half to 12 liters which is
again great mileage considering it’s an
automatic ten year old car so this was.