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Honda Vezel – Is It Value For Money in pakistan ?

Today we will talk
about on the visas so let’s start

weasel is a new entry in the market it

is recently introduced by Honda weasel
is powered by a 1500 CC hybrid engine
and a trip tronic transmission there are

two major Drive friends in this car
two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive the
one that we are reviewing is a wheel

drive variant weasel is a cross over
vehicle it’s not an SUV a lot of people

confuse it in the local market it’s not
an SUV it’s not like a prado it’s not

like Land Cruiser it’s a cross over over
Haiti and if you want to know what

crossover is you can search it online
and you’ll find a lot of information on

what a crossover vehicle is so let’s
find out about the interesting features

in weasel and then we’ll take it for a
road test before we even get inside the

car there are a few issues that I would
like to show you which are outside the

car first of all this this is the key of
Honda weasel a simple key with lock and

unlock button nothing complicated on the
back side you have a Honda logo with

blue surroundings now a lot of Honda
keyless entry vehicles come with the

same key fob in the local new civic they
also offer keyless entry fee a keyless

entry feature and the push start feature
in those vehicle this portion is silver

with the Honda logo but in weasel or
black but in weasel it’s blue with
silver Honda Lupo why it’s blue because

Honda is branding blue as their hybrid
vehicle color and in order to get inside

the car I don’t need this key I just
need to put it in my pocket the car is

locked and the car will sense that the
key is in the closed poverty all I do is

put my hand here in the car opens itself
pretty sweet another thing when you come

to this rear door you see there is no
door handle at all so where is it the

door hand will go Conrad that the lines
would look prettier and much more the

couch will overall look really nice if
the door handle was not there as a

solution they put it over next window so
you want to open the rear door that’s

your rear door handle coming back to the
key what if you run out of the battery

on the thought of that too there is a
small latch all you gotta do is click it
and a conventional key comes out so in

case your your car is dead has dead
battery or this key fob is out of

battery you can still get inside the car
by a conventional key feature that’s

pretty sweet when you open the car this
is the first control panel that you see

this is the economy on an off button
down there is traction control and the
one next to it is the Honda cents button

so Honda sense is a feature offered by
Honda that if something comes in the

close proximity of 60 meters the car
will break itself we will show you that

in a bit
Honda sense is a feature by Honda in

which if there is anything in close
proximity of 60 metres within the radius

of car the car will break itself we will
see if this particular feature of Honda

sense works on human beings as well
let’s check ok so it does not on the

door we have the mirror controls all for
auto door mirrors the door windows and

the lock and unlock 4 power locks there
is one more button which is the door

lock button now in a normal car there is
a normal button and you just press it

and you know it’s locked or it’s
but in Honda bezel when you press it a

light pops up so you know the doors
windows are all locked and knowing but

the driver side can control them so now
I’ll tell you how to turn on a push

start vehicle so as you can see there is
no key for keep space there is a button

so first you got to press the brake and
you keep it pressed and you just press
the button and the car comes to life as

you can see on the steering wheel there
is your airbag pad with the horan in the

middle on your right hand side you have
cruise control selection buttons and on

the left hand side you have radio
control buttons on the back of the

steering wheel you have the trip tronic
shifters the plus on the right and minus

on the left behind that you have your
headlights and your wiper controls

coming on this side in the center
console this is an Android navigation

and the response time is really sweet on

that this is not tuned we’ll just go to
the radio the touch system as you can

see is very recent decent and responsive
below that is the a climate control

panel this is all also in touch so here
you have the autumn mode if you select

this the temperature that you’ll set
would be the one settled next to that is

an on/off button next to that is the
synchronizing button
let I’ll come to that in a bit then

there is an AC button the air mode the
modes are on top fan speed and the

temperature up and down so see if I do a
synchronization turn off both of these
current temperatures can be controlled

individually as you can see the left
side has 26 degrees temperature and the

right one has 22 degrees however if I
want to synchronize both and want the

same temperature in the car
I just presents the same button and the

left hand side control will be synced
with the right hand side driver control

under that in the center console you
have your gear shifter which is a small

gear shifter this is how it is in all
the hybrid cars next to that is your

parking button you just walking button
below that is the sports hand brake and

brake hold now the gearshift of the way
it works is if I want to release it from

the parking I’ll just take it on the
left on the right and below is drive

back right above is reverse when you go
in the reverse the rear camera engages
in the screen as you can see

and if I just bring it on the left it
shifts back to neutral and I want to go

in back in the parking I’ll press the
parking button the doors automatically

get locked and the car is in the park
more coming back if I say want to move
the car I’ll put it in D one thing more

just observe this the car is in Drive
and I’ll try to race but it won’t move

why it will not move because I’m not
wearing the seatbelt

wait now the car the handbrake is turned
on there is a beep and if I want to

remove move the car the car does not

the reason I’m not wearing the seatbelt
so all I gotta do is wear the seatbelt

and now the car will move the parking
releases automatically after the gear

stock we have this portion now here we
have this option for control glove

cupholders I press this button and the
this is my first cup holder the same

button on the other side another cup
holder now as you can see there is some

small space under those cup holders like
there is a wrapper there so if I want to

put something over there hide it away
that’s where it is and no one will find

out where it went
unless of course they have seen this

video coming back this is your centre
c-can’t stock I can have it the armrest

like this or I can move it back press
this button and open it this portion is

divided in two halves the first one is a
shallow one where you can keep your

change or anything and the second one is
a little deep

on the passenger side of the dashboard
you have three AC vents all directing

towards the passenger sitting at the
front seat if you look down here under

the gear control and center console you
have a 12-volt power socket then you

have the auxiliary cable you have HDMI
and you have a USB port now if you

charge your phone with this USB port you
can just connect it here and leave the

phone here which is a very good feature
by Honda in a normal car when you have

those cables dangling everywhere the
chances of those cables breaking are

much higher in this one you just connect
it with the phone and leave it there so
over here in the rear seat I am sitting

and this seat is reclined completely bad
and I can very easily sit so the space

for front and rear passengers pretty
decent one little problem though there

is just one cup holder in the center and
other than that in the center you also

have another power socket which is a
12-volt power socket so for anything
that you want to connect over here if

you look in the door cells you have
visas branding in all four doses looks

pretty good we’ll open the trunk and see
what we could have got a lot of trunk

space which is an advantage of having
crossover vehicles you get a lot of

trunk space under that we have a small
portion for keeping your anything you

know some small stuff that you would
like to keep

there is no spare wheel in this vehicle
and why there is no spare wheel in this

vehicle because the spare wheel adds
weight so instead of spare wheel Honda

came up with this this is a tire
inflation pump and there is a solution
this gel if you get a puncher all you

got to do is take it out and apply it on
the tire

then fill the air and you’re good to go
the tire will the puncher will be fixed

so in at a later stage you can go to a
pump and get the proper puncher sorted

there is a third power outlet as well in
the trunk which is if you go for camping

and you need to light up something or
power something with your car you can do

that now we will conduct another test
with this car we will see if we can fit
Omar in the trunk to see what kind of

space we have I was talking about this
space being really good so let’s see

so as you can see I can easily fit into
the trunk and you still have room for

some snacks so now we are driving weasel
and the first impression for the first

thing that I would say the car is quiet
and that is something that you would

expect from a hybrid you don’t want any
noise in the room so the only noise I

can hear right now is the air
conditioner other than that

the whole car is quiet you don’t hear
much of the tires rolling or anything of

the sort which is really good
apart from that the driving position so

this is where you want it to be it’s
higher than a normal sedan or in a

hatchback and lower than an SUV which is
also kind of perfect and in the sweet
way where you want the car to be

handling again the car does not leave
the road or the grip the car has solid
grip on the road which actually is

something really really impressive
because the height and overall shape of

the body

another thing that I really love about
this car is the ground clearance

normally the Japanese cars that we get
they are quite low to the ground and as

a result we have to change the tires or
some people put those packings in the

suspension and you lose the quality of
ride visas being a crossover the
advantage is that you do not have to

face the problems of ground clearance or
anything of the sort it has really good

ground clearance and as an advantage of
that roads of karate or generally in
Pakistan this car really does Drive like
a chop and you don’t need to worry about
where you can take the car or where you
cannot take the car
about the control display panel as I was
telling you initially right now I’m
driving with a very light foot and it’s
all green so if I’ll just push it a
little bit more it will go in blue and
we are still in the normal mode but the
color changes to blue and when you want
serious business you press the sports
button and it all goes red
so now let’s shift the car in sports
mode and see what it is got now we have
more women English sports law Wow
the car totally changes as soon as you
put it in sports mode it’s a totally
totally different car amazing
hybrid cars the general perception
initially was that these are quite
boring cars these are not fun to drive
but Wiesel really proves that myth wrong
it’s not your everyday hybrid it has got
a normal mode which is hybrid then there
is eco mode which is super hybrid but it
also has a sports mode and sports mode
is where the fun begins
this was our review on two Honda Wiesel
let us know in the comments what you
think about it please subscribe to the
channel and share the video till next
time bye