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Honda Vezel – Is It Value For Money in pakistan ?

Today we will talk
about on the visas so let’s start

weasel is a new entry in the market it

is recently introduced by Honda weasel
is powered by a 1500 CC hybrid engine
and a trip tronic transmission there are

two major Drive friends in this car
two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive the
one that we are reviewing is a wheel

drive variant weasel is a cross over
vehicle it’s not an SUV a lot of people

confuse it in the local market it’s not
an SUV it’s not like a prado it’s not

like Land Cruiser it’s a cross over over
Haiti and if you want to know what

crossover is you can search it online
and you’ll find a lot of information on

what a crossover vehicle is so let’s
find out about the interesting features

in weasel and then we’ll take it for a
road test before we even get inside the

car there are a few issues that I would
like to show you which are outside the

car first of all this this is the key of
Honda weasel a simple key with lock and

unlock button nothing complicated on the
back side you have a Honda logo with

blue surroundings now a lot of Honda
keyless entry vehicles come with the

same key fob in the local new civic they
also offer keyless entry fee a keyless

entry feature and the push start feature
in those vehicle this portion is silver

with the Honda logo but in weasel or
black but in weasel it’s blue with
silver Honda Lupo why it’s blue because

Honda is branding blue as their hybrid
vehicle color and in order to get inside

the car I don’t need this key I just
need to put it in my pocket the car is

locked and the car will sense that the
key is in the closed poverty all I do is

put my hand here in the car opens itself
pretty sweet another thing when you come

to this rear door you see there is no
door handle at all so where is it the

door hand will go Conrad that the lines
would look prettier and much more the

couch will overall look really nice if
the door handle was not there as a

solution they put it over next window so
you want to open the rear door that’s

your rear door handle coming back to the
key what if you run out of the battery

on the thought of that too there is a
small latch all you gotta do is click it
and a conventional key comes out so in

case your your car is dead has dead
battery or this key fob is out of

battery you can still get inside the car
by a conventional key feature that’s

pretty sweet when you open the car this
is the first control panel that you see

this is the economy on an off button
down there is traction control and the
one next to it is the Honda cents button

so Honda sense is a feature offered by
Honda that if something comes in the

close proximity of 60 meters the car
will break itself we will show you that

in a bit
Honda sense is a feature by Honda in

which if there is anything in close
proximity of 60 metres within the radius

of car the car will break itself we will
see if this particular feature of Honda

sense works on human beings as well
let’s check ok so it does not on the

door we have the mirror controls all for
auto door mirrors the door windows and

the lock and unlock 4 power locks there
is one more button which is the door

lock button now in a normal car there is
a normal button and you just press it

and you know it’s locked or it’s
but in Honda bezel when you press it a

light pops up so you know the doors
windows are all locked and knowing but

the driver side can control them so now
I’ll tell you how to turn on a push

start vehicle so as you can see there is
no key for keep space there is a button

so first you got to press the brake and
you keep it pressed and you just press
the button and the car comes to life as

you can see on the steering wheel there
is your airbag pad with the horan in the

middle on your right hand side you have
cruise control selection buttons and on

the left hand side you have radio
control buttons on the back of the

steering wheel you have the trip tronic
shifters the plus on the right and minus

on the left behind that you have your
headlights and your wiper controls

coming on this side in the center
console this is an Android navigation

and the response time is really sweet on

that this is not tuned we’ll just go to
the radio the touch system as you can

see is very recent decent and responsive
below that is the a climate control

panel this is all also in touch so here
you have the autumn mode if you select

this the temperature that you’ll set
would be the one settled next to that is

an on/off button next to that is the
synchronizing button
let I’ll come to that in a bit then

there is an AC button the air mode the
modes are on top fan speed and the

temperature up and down so see if I do a
synchronization turn off both of these
current temperatures can be controlled

individually as you can see the left
side has 26 degrees temperature and the

right one has 22 degrees however if I
want to synchronize both and want the

same temperature in the car
I just presents the same button and the

left hand side control will be synced
with the right hand side driver control

under that in the center console you
have your gear shifter which is a small

gear shifter this is how it is in all
the hybrid cars next to that is your

parking button you just walking button
below that is the sports hand brake and

brake hold now the gearshift of the way
it works is if I want to release it from

the parking I’ll just take it on the
left on the right and below is drive

back right above is reverse when you go
in the reverse the rear camera engages
in the screen as you can see

and if I just bring it on the left it
shifts back to neutral and I want to go

in back in the parking I’ll press the
parking button the doors automatically

get locked and the car is in the park
more coming back if I say want to move
the car I’ll put it in D one thing more

just observe this the car is in Drive
and I’ll try to race but it won’t move

why it will not move because I’m not
wearing the seatbelt

wait now the car the handbrake is turned
on there is a beep and if I want to

remove move the car the car does not

the reason I’m not wearing the seatbelt
so all I gotta do is wear the seatbelt

and now the car will move the parking
releases automatically after the gear

stock we have this portion now here we
have this option for control glove

cupholders I press this button and the
this is my first cup holder the same

button on the other side another cup
holder now as you can see there is some

small space under those cup holders like
there is a wrapper there so if I want to

put something over there hide it away
that’s where it is and no one will find

out where it went
unless of course they have seen this

video coming back this is your centre
c-can’t stock I can have it the armrest

like this or I can move it back press
this button and open it this portion is

divided in two halves the first one is a
shallow one where you can keep your

change or anything and the second one is
a little deep

on the passenger side of the dashboard
you have three AC vents all directing

towards the passenger sitting at the
front seat if you look down here under

the gear control and center console you
have a 12-volt power socket then you

have the auxiliary cable you have HDMI
and you have a USB port now if you

charge your phone with this USB port you
can just connect it here and leave the

phone here which is a very good feature
by Honda in a normal car when you have

those cables dangling everywhere the
chances of those cables breaking are

much higher in this one you just connect
it with the phone and leave it there so
over here in the rear seat I am sitting

and this seat is reclined completely bad
and I can very easily sit so the space

for front and rear passengers pretty
decent one little problem though there

is just one cup holder in the center and
other than that in the center you also

have another power socket which is a
12-volt power socket so for anything
that you want to connect over here if

you look in the door cells you have
visas branding in all four doses looks

pretty good we’ll open the trunk and see
what we could have got a lot of trunk

space which is an advantage of having
crossover vehicles you get a lot of

trunk space under that we have a small
portion for keeping your anything you

know some small stuff that you would
like to keep

there is no spare wheel in this vehicle
and why there is no spare wheel in this

vehicle because the spare wheel adds
weight so instead of spare wheel Honda

came up with this this is a tire
inflation pump and there is a solution
this gel if you get a puncher all you

got to do is take it out and apply it on
the tire

then fill the air and you’re good to go
the tire will the puncher will be fixed

so in at a later stage you can go to a
pump and get the proper puncher sorted

there is a third power outlet as well in
the trunk which is if you go for camping

and you need to light up something or
power something with your car you can do

that now we will conduct another test
with this car we will see if we can fit
Omar in the trunk to see what kind of

space we have I was talking about this
space being really good so let’s see

so as you can see I can easily fit into
the trunk and you still have room for

some snacks so now we are driving weasel
and the first impression for the first

thing that I would say the car is quiet
and that is something that you would

expect from a hybrid you don’t want any
noise in the room so the only noise I

can hear right now is the air
conditioner other than that

the whole car is quiet you don’t hear
much of the tires rolling or anything of

the sort which is really good
apart from that the driving position so

this is where you want it to be it’s
higher than a normal sedan or in a

hatchback and lower than an SUV which is
also kind of perfect and in the sweet
way where you want the car to be

handling again the car does not leave
the road or the grip the car has solid
grip on the road which actually is

something really really impressive
because the height and overall shape of

the body

another thing that I really love about
this car is the ground clearance

normally the Japanese cars that we get
they are quite low to the ground and as

a result we have to change the tires or
some people put those packings in the

suspension and you lose the quality of
ride visas being a crossover the
advantage is that you do not have to

face the problems of ground clearance or
anything of the sort it has really good

ground clearance and as an advantage of
that roads of karate or generally in
Pakistan this car really does Drive like
a chop and you don’t need to worry about
where you can take the car or where you
cannot take the car
about the control display panel as I was
telling you initially right now I’m
driving with a very light foot and it’s
all green so if I’ll just push it a
little bit more it will go in blue and
we are still in the normal mode but the
color changes to blue and when you want
serious business you press the sports
button and it all goes red
so now let’s shift the car in sports
mode and see what it is got now we have
more women English sports law Wow
the car totally changes as soon as you
put it in sports mode it’s a totally
totally different car amazing
hybrid cars the general perception
initially was that these are quite
boring cars these are not fun to drive
but Wiesel really proves that myth wrong
it’s not your everyday hybrid it has got
a normal mode which is hybrid then there
is eco mode which is super hybrid but it
also has a sports mode and sports mode
is where the fun begins
this was our review on two Honda Wiesel
let us know in the comments what you
think about it please subscribe to the
channel and share the video till next
time bye

Toyota Passo 2007 – A Practical Hatchback in Pakistan

Hi my name is Omar and today we are
going to review Toyota Paso let me tell
you a little bit about Toyota Paso
Toyota introduced Paso in 2004 and the
first generation stayed in production
till 2010 this is 2007 model that we are
going to review today if someone asked
me to define Toyota Passos first
generation in one word I would say it’s

practical and why I would say it’s
practical let me show you this car has a
lot of cupholders there are two in the
front two at the back and one in each
front door a total of six cupholders in
a car that has seating capacity for five
now that’s some smart Japanese thinking

you would be spending over
now as you can see the space between the
suit two seats is a lot like it’s more
than in a regular card and you can put
in anything let’s just see a cell phone
like this there’s still space around
maybe I can put in my glasses next to it
and a lot of space in the middle then
under the center console you have
approximately five inches of opening and
you can put something over there then
under the glove compartment there is a
deep space important stuff the glove
compartment itself is not that big as
you can see it’s divided in two portions
each cluster itself has a couple of
options as you can see there is strip a
then trip B this is current average of
the car this is the overall average on
this fuel tank and that is the odometer
apart from that you can see the time is

there then the fuel gauge is there and
pretty basic otherwise but its
practicality nothing fancy unlike fossil
has its gearshift on the steering column
so you press the brake
reverse neutral drive and so forth and
the handbrake is in your foot so this is
a foot brake not a handle this is how
you apply it
release release Sunrisers have a mirror
each again practical in the interior you
get one two and three lights
practicality rear seats are split in a
60/40 ratio which means if you have just
one small bag you don’t lose a lot of
space you still have room for four
people to sit in the car let me show you
my most favorite feature in this car
this is by far the best feature offered
in Toyota Paso I don’t know why other
car manufacturers don’t do this or a
matter other as a matter of fact even
Toyota does not offer it in all of their
hatchbacks so if you’re a car
manufacturer and watching this this is
something you should do let me show you
what I’m talking about so you pull this
latch and the seat goes down and at the
back you have another liver this liver
you gotta pull up and you have a flat
bed a completely flat bed this is not
something that you get in any of the
other hatchbacks and as a result the

trunk and the rear seat portion are at
two different levels which is not really
friendly when you’re putting luggage in
the car but with this one you have the
complete flat bed and you are able to
put the luggage and have three
passengers in the car as you can see I’m
sitting in the rear seat the front seat
is recline all the way back and
I am comfortable that’s practical
seating capacity now this car comes with
four headrests and they are all
independently adjustable like I said I
don’t love everything about this car for
instance that the music system now this
is an aftermarket music system and the
reason we had to get it changed is
because the original one which is right
here does not come with USB port
auxiliary port FM is limited to 89 which
is a standard in all Japanese car so
this one does not look that pretty but I
had to get it done
one more thing that I absolutely hate
about this car is this the in
speedometer itself it seems like the car
was totally completed and they designed
everything and then they remember oh we
forgot to put in the speedometer so the
seat color of this car in environment
needs constant maintenance as you can
see it’s everything is not all good
about Paso there are certain things that
I personally feel either they are not
there or they’re pretty weird first let
me show you here in a normal car even a
Suzuki these days you get three of those
grips not in Paso you only get the one
grip at the front and then there are two
grips at the back which are not there so
this car only has one at the front the
rear two are missing which should have

been there a car with all these nice
features theater should have given the
two grips at the back another thing this
is one of the hanger holders over here
now you can hang maybe a bag of yogurt
or a shopping bag or something here if
you want to use it as a coat hanger I
don’t see how you will be able to do
this I mean this is just two feet above
the ground can you really do hang your
coat hanger I mean you can only do that
if you’re a midget or something maybe
if I say that the car does 0 to 60 and
so and so minutes and laughs laughs that
would not be a fair comparison it would
be like judging the capabilities of an
elephant by the its abilities to climb a
tree glass-like Paso and similar other
gods in the market which are the same
dealing with the same customer base
these cars are for daily purpose daily
usage balloons and
the ability of these cars is how you can
maneuver them in the traffic how
comfortable the driver is the fuel
economy these are the things that you
judge such cars on this car being a
Japanese import
comes with a lot of big cities and
features which is in all the similar
Japanese import doors
when this came out in 2007
if you compare those features with the
cars that are coming out now
like the recent Mira yes or the newer
version of mass or something like that
those cars would have a lot more
accessories and the features compared to
this car but

at the time and it came in 2007 this car
was pretty decent with the Lord of toys
that were available to offer in the car
of this segment
and the fuel average with a light board
with AC in the city is approximately
eleven and a half to 12 liters which is
again great mileage considering it’s an
automatic ten year old car so this was.

Strangest Laws In Pakistan

Like all of the countries Pakistan has some laws that will leave you going, huh?
Some people even find some of these laws
Just very surprising and some have been considered to be extremely controversial by others here are ten of the weirdest
surprising and most controversial laws in Pakistan counting down from number 10 to number one
Starting off at number 10 you cannot use English words for some Arabic words the Pakistani government has approved a summary
prohibiting the English translation of Islamic terms
sacred Arabic names and words like Allah
Masjid Saleh art and Rasool are now forbidden to be translated in English as God mosque prayer and profit in that

Respective order now. Do you know it’s illegal to eat in public for a month every year now
This is because Ramadan is an important month for Muslims and considered to be very sacred in Islamic countries
Since Pakistan of course is an Islamic country people are not allowed to eat in public in the month of Ramadan even if they’re non
Muslim so that’s where it gets a bit interesting there now the tax education in a third world country where almost half of the population
is struggling to get basic education imposing taxes on education is a little too much and
Pakistan has been doing this for quite some time if you spend more than 2 lakh rupees
on education
5% tax will be imposed for it. Also you cannot travel to Israel so

Pakistan has not recognized Israel as a separate state
Which is why the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan does not actually allow
Pakistanis to visit Israel on a Pakistani passport the next law I want to talk about is
Transgenders cannot join the army now. There are milli of transgenders and
crossdressers in Pakistan however along with several other

Limitations what they can do they’re also not able to join the Pakistani army?
This is also pretty interesting one sending spam messages is actually illegal so sending someone a spam message
Of course is just super annoying right?
Now if you’re caught spamming anyone guess what you’ll have to pay a fine of 1 million rupees
Now the Prime Minister of Pakistan must be Muslim
But he doesn’t actually need to be educated to be a prime minister
Just that he has to be Muslim the eligibility requirements do mention an adequate knowledge of Islamic teachings and practices

As well as he has to abstain from major sins, but it doesn’t state any set of educational criteria
to hold office of a prime minister
Now this next lot was
super super controversial
Before the protection of Women Act in 2006 if you’ve been sexually
Assaulted check this you needed to produce 4

eyewitnesses in order to be proven as a victim the protection of Women Act in
2006 has tried to override this law by introducing the element of DNA evidence
Being admitted during any sort of sexual assault cases
But the issue still remains very controversial now do that there’s no
Issuance of a passport unless you declare Ahmadi community as non of Muslim so until the year
1974 the ahmadi community was considered a sect of Islam in Pakistan which was later declared a
non-muslim community
and then this is why it is compulsory for every Pakistani to sign the statement on their passport form that says I

approve Ahmadi community as a
non-muslim and now for the final law I want to share with you is about uploading memes, so
Uploading a meme can land you behind the bars right so you cannot pose any sort of funny pictures or memes about any political
Leaders regardless of how immature they may act sometime, so like you can’t be making fun of them
is all due to the
Cybercrime laws so under the cybercrime law of Pakistan section 17.


What’s up guys? Since we came here to visit the valley of Naran, I thought why not make a guide!

This is a guide from Karachi to Naran

You don’t need to follow it, but it would be better if you do.

7 o’clock in the morning, get to the airport.

You may not enjoy the trip alone so better to get some friends to tag along.

As soon as you reach Lahore, call the Toyota dealership.

“Hello Toyota, this is Irfan speaking from Scnz TV.”

“Uh, actually I needed a car..


The airplane journey is over now. From now on, the remaining journey is by road.

And you already are familiar with our car wonders.

And yeah, it can get cold out there, so get some warm clothes…

…no matter how big of a Superman you are.

By now, you would be starving.

So since you are in Lahore, taste some “Phajjay Kay Paey” (Phajjay’s Trotter Curry).

Uncle, where is the old “Phajjay” joint?

That way.

I know that many people don’t like “Paey” (trotter curry).

But you’re here in Lahore, and on a road trip…
Why not try “Paey”?

Look, it isn’t mandatory, but it’s cool if you try it!

I’d recommend trying it!

After trying “Paey”, leave for Kallar Kahar.

You’ve come all this way. You wouldn’t mind going for a swim, would you?

Do it, bro, do it.
You’re on a trip, yeah? Just do it! 😉

That’s enough for today.
Time to eat and bounce!

Then reach Islamabad.

And it’ll be warmer than you think!

If you are wondering why your bro is wearing a hoodie in August…

Well, heat is temporary…

…but SWAG is permanent. 😉

Have some “Pulao” (Rice & Beef meal) for breakfast so that you wouldn’t even need to have lunch.

But I forgot to mention, the weather of Islamabad is unpredictable. So be prepared.

Time is short, the challenge is tough and the journey is long.

So no need for useless stop overs.

Oh and of course, refuel your car.

Bro, how long would it take to get to Kaaghan from here?

8 hours.
What time is it now?
5 pm.
8 hours… So that means we’ll be getting there by 3 am?
[Bad calculation]
Don’t judge my math
And switch to another driver because the previous one would have been exhausted by now.
We have gotten a new driver.
This car is good.
Quite fun to drive, seriously!
I usually don’t get my turn to drive.
The drive from Islamabad to Balakot got quite long.
We had planned to reach Naran by now, but decided to stay here overnight and leave in the morning.
And we were told that “Chappal Kabab” are quite famous here.
So us three, we’re on our way to try these “Chappal Kabab”! 😛
I know this oil looks very dark, but the Kababs were out of this world.
You can mistreat your stomach, a little, this time.
It’s your choice, try it if you want to!
Someone recommended my bro Mooroo to check out Moon Restaurant.
So, we’ll have breakfast there.
Nihari (Beef Curry), Chick peas, Naan (bread) , Lassi (buttermilk).
Bring Lassi (buttermilk) first.. Sure!
While waiting for the food, get ready to go to Saif-ul-Malook.
Saif-ul-Malook – you’ve probably heard of it.
If you’re a foodie, there are great snacks you can try at Saif-ul-Malook!

Pakoray, Samosay, Kachori and…
Chicken Korma, Chicken Biryani, Daal Maash (lentils), Chana Sabzi Aalou (mixed veggies), etc.
Eat once, and you’ll keep coming back! 😉
… aaand some other interesting options as well. (medicine for increased libido in men)

You can get it if you want, your bro won’t judge you.
No need to be overly smart.
In case of any incident, the local administration won’t take any responsibility.
Look love (bro), listen to me for once! 😉
There is an outdoor activity here, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.
I won’t judge you. Do it at your own risk. I’m just saying it’s a possibility.
And also, your bro is like Akshay Kumar, right?
I mean, not coming slow
If you get tired while recording videos, pass your phone to your friend.
Enjoying the ‘scenes’ (view) is much more important.
Check into PTDC hotel.
(Pakistan Tourism Development Corportation PTDC)
Chuck your stuff in your room…
…and get to Punjab Tikka House.
Tell Zahid to turn it up…
…and leave the rest up to him.
Wow, dinner was superb, man!
Trout fish and salty lamb tikka.
It’s not essential.
I am talking about the drone, but as you can see,
drone shots are money shots!
All thanks to Mooroo Bhai
We didn’t have much time for breakfast, so we ate in the car.
‘Cause there’s a lot of work to be done today.
Like I said, we didn’t have much time to eat.
Ever had corn for Rs.50? (USD 0.50)
Rs.50 isn’t that expensive.
We’re back in Naran for some rafting For people who don’t know how to swim,
better fasten your seatbelts.
By that, I mean have some courage!
If you don’t know how to swim… like me, you would need to have a lot of courage.
After watching such scenes, one can only say…
Woah, what a shot!
Be ready to wake up at 5:00 am the next morning.
See, this is my first time and I am just sharing my experience, so I recommend taking my word for it.
There’s a 3 and a half hour journey ahead… and it’s better to rest.
This is the base camp for trekking the Aansoo Lake (Tear Drop Lake).
The journey from here is about 2 hours long.Grab a bite at the base camp,
You’ll need it. Trust me.
The scenes are as such that the horses don’t go beyond this point.
This is the last hill. Beyond that lies the Aansoo Lake (Tear Drop Lake).
Oxygen level is quite low up here.
I’m out of breath.
Just some support for the hike.
And we’ve acknowledged beforehand that
nobody will be able to save anyone.
It’s every man for himself.
Ahsan Bhai said that last part.
Behind me is Aansoo Lake.
Here I am (your bro) waiting for you…
Just leave what you’re doing at once and get here ASAP.
One simply doesn’t come here everyday.
So I thought to say Salaam (hello) to you.
Hello-ji, how are you? All good?
Wishing you were here.

PAKISTAN or TURKEY – Which Military is Better?

You’ll see a side-by-side comparison of the military power of these two amazing countries
Pakistan and Turkey
we give you facts about the different countries and cultures all around the world so if you
love learning about our earth a
Few facts is a place where you can learn all that stuff ok?

so don’t want to begin with this military comparison starting off with the country of Pakistan
the Pakistan armed forces of the military forces of
Pakistan they’re the sixth largest in the entire world in terms of active military
Personnel as well as you’re the largest in all of the Muslim countries Pakistan has the
world’s sixth larges
Nuclear arsenal as well the total manpower available in Pakistan’s military is 95 million
They have a total of six hundred and thirty-seven thousand active personnel and their reserve
personnel are two hundred and eighty-two

Thousand now to introduce
Turkey Turkey ranks 8th in the world for his total military power and what makes a Turkish
military force so
Interesting is that since turkey is the only?
Secular power that can negotiate with Middle Eastern countries at a cultural level the Turkish
army has a huge impact on
middle-eastern relations as well as politics turkeys total manpower available is at 41 million

six hundred and forty thousand
It’s active personnel are a total of three hundred eighty two thousand eight hundred and fifty
And they have a reserve personnel of three hundred and sixty thousand five hundred and sixty-five
now Let’s take a look at the divisions

of their military and compare them side-by-side
Starting off with the pakistani army when we look at the pakistan army. They have a total of
2,920 for combat tanks
And they have two thousand eight hundred and twenty eight armored fighting vehicles
They have a total of 134 rocker projectors, and they’re told artillery equal
3278 as well as they have
465 self-propelled artillery for turkeys army strength they have two thousand four hundred
forty-five combat tanks
7550 armored fighting vehicles they have eight hundred eleven rocket projectors as well as
they have six hundred ninety

seven towed artillery and
1113 self-propelled artillery now. Let’s move on from their army to their Air Forces to see
what’s going on up there
Pakistan has a total of 301 fighter aircraft. They have 394 attack aircraft
261 transport aircrafts 190 trainer aircraft and their total helicopters are at
316 and out of those they have 52 attack helicopters for Turkey they have
207 fighter aircrafts they also have 270 tact aircrafts their transport aircrafts are 439
they have
276 trainer aircrafts and their total helicopters are at
455 and they have 70 attack helicopters now for the comparison of their navies in Pakistan’s
Navy. There’s a total of

197 naval assets
They have 17 patrol crafts eight submarines ten frigates and three-mile warfare vessels in
Turkey’s Navy. They have
194 total naval assets
thirty-four patrol crafts sixteen frigates twelve submarines and nine Corvettes
And they have eleven mine warfare vessels now currently Pakistan has a total defence budget of
seven billion dollars u.s.
But Pakistan is said to increase its defense spending to eight point seven eight billion
dollars u.s.. During the fiscal year of
2017 to 2018 so in the year 2018 now so that’s going to be coming up real soon
if not in effect already now a large portion of Pakistan’s military is going to it’s
Huge budget priorities that are its combat aircraft submarines surface warships
And the country’s various indigenous missile programs

Turkey their defense budget is a little bit higher at eleven point five billion dollars u.s.
And look at this so turkeys defense budget has increased by nearly fifty percent since Jen of
2017 and this is according to the Official Gazette
Despite having a second largest army in NATO Turkey was not among the top 15 military spenders
in the year 2016
And those top sprinters were of course US China Russia

Saudi Arabia as well as India now that concludes your military comparison of Pakistan and Turkey
Let me know all your thoughts and comments down below in the comment
Section and guys if you haven’t seen it already you got to check out our country comparison where
we do a side-by-side comparison
But just on the country on a whole of Pakistan and Turkey.

INDIA or PAKISTAN – Which Military is Better?

Let’s begin at looking at the military of India India seems to be
modernizing its military and its nuclear capabilities while keeping an
eye on
China another world superpower now India currently ranks fourth in terms
of global military power and
India has been quickly developing new military technologies taking a look
at the specific military
statistics the available manpower for India is
616 million active personnel sits at 1 million three hundred sixty two
Thousand five hundred and they have two million eight hundred and forty
four thousand seven hundred fifty reserve personnel
Now it turns of Pakistan’s military the Pakistani
Armed Forces are ranked 13 in the entire world
But there are the six largest in terms of active
military personnel And the largest among all the Muslim nations and
also to note Pakistan has the world’s sixth largest nuclear

Arsenal in terms of Pakistan’s military breakdown
it looks like this Pakistan has available manpower of 95 million people
their active personnel is at 637 thousand and they
have two hundred eighty two thousand reserve personnel
Now in comparing the army strength of India and
Pakistan India’s Army has four thousand four
hundred and twenty-six combat tanks
They have six thousand seven hundred and four armored fighting vehicles
292 rocker projectors seven thousand four hund
red and fourteen towed artillery as well as
290 self-propelled artillery now for Pakistan’s army
strength They have two thousand nine hundred twenty four combat
tanks two thousand eight hundred and twenty eight Armored fighting
vehicles the rocket projectors in their possession total at one hundred
and thirty-four they also have three

Thousand two hundred seventy eight towed artillery
And they’re self propelled artillery total is at four
hundred see five now moving on from the land up into the air
Let’s compare their air power India has six hundred and
seventy six fighter aircrafts and eight hundred and nine attack aircrafts

their transport aircrafts total at
857 their trainer aircrafts are read 323 and they have a
total of six hundred and sixty six helicopters oh
That’s probably bad luck and also India has sixteen attack
helicopters now when you look at Pakistan’s air power
We see that they have 301 fighter aircrafts 394 attack

261 transport aircrafts, and they have 190 trainer aircrafts
now. They’re total helicopters are at 316 and they have 394
attack helicopters continuing now with the navy of these two
amazing countries
India’s total naval assets it at 295 in their Navy they have three aircraft
carriers fourteen forgets 11 destroyers 15 submarines and
23 Corvettes and their mine warfare vessels total at six in Pakistan’s Navy
They have a hundred and ninety seven total naval assets
They have 17 patrol craft ten. Frigates eight submarines and three mine warfare
vessels now finally
Let’s end off this video in looking at their total military
Defense budget India’s defense budget is an estimated total of 51 billion
dollars u.s.

India’s defence budget is a fourth largest in the world and will be
12.1 percent of its annual spending in the year 2018 to 2019 and even though
India’s defense budget has
Really increased a huge chunk of it is going to be eaten up by its
Personnel costs so this may hold back some of India’s Armed Forces
Plans especially when it comes to requiring new weapons now Pakistan’s defense
budget is a lot smaller at seven billion dollars u.s.
But reported that Pakistan will be increasing its defense budget by around
seven percent
Now the past couple years Pakistan’s economy has grown quite a bit especially
in the year 2016 it grew by

4.7 percent and with this Pakistan’s military can focus on a lot of bigger
priorities like new combat aircraft
Submarines as well as its country’s missile programs
So that’s all I have for this military comparison episode of India and Pakistan
Thank you guys so much for watching and be sure to check out our full video
where we compare India and Pakistan as nations on
a whole and we do a side-by-side comparison.

Surprising Facts About SSG Commandos

Pakistan’s elite special forces unit the special service group or SSG has been listed as the best Special Forces Group ahead of units such as
US Navy SEALs and the British special air service group the list by Business Insider
Australia ranked them as the best of nine of the top elite forces from around the world
There may be no real bearing to that ranking however the SSG still has a lot of things going on that makes them a powerful
And I’ve been seeing quite a bit of comments asking for us to do a video on the SSG so here
It is now a question. I’m throwing out there to you guys before I get into this video is if you were in the military
What would you be a fighter pilot a foot soldier a medic let me know down below in the comment section

So starting off with the facts the SSG or special service group is the main Special?
Operations Task Force of the Pakistan Army while the rest of the Army is well trained in regular combat
situations these SSG commandos are skilled in special skills like
counterterrorism and covert operations
Its headquarters is at the tar bila cantonment
located in harper district of pakistan the SSG is headed by a
major-general and divided into eight battalions each
Battalion has around 700 men in four companies with each company split into platoons and then into ten man teams
each battalion is commanded by
Lieutenant Colonel

Now terms of recruiting now the earlier thought process of hiring recruits was to spend as little time training them as
Possible they did this because in the earlier years after gaining freedom from the British
Pakistan was not very rich
It had to cut a lot of corners and the SSG was first called the 19th battle edge when it was created in
1956 after combining the 7th and 10th ballots regiment and the
312 garrison company the SS G’s initial training and orientation
regarding tactics was based on the US Special Forces program
Whom they cooperated closely with in the cold war years the SSG initially had six companies and each company had
specialization units specialize in desert mountain Ranger and underwater warfare
Later on Chinese training tactics weapons and equipment were also included
Also the SSG used guerrilla tactics to fight off their enemies and use element of surprise

Whenever and wherever they could
They specialized in counterterrorism
operations where the fighters have to be very still and very
Stealthy their first major deployment came during the indo-pak war of 1965 and by the year
1971 the SSG had grown to three battalions with one permanently stationed in East Pakistan
Now the training program has evolved over the years where it incorporates many new elements of modern warfare

But some things have remained the same you see the SSG officers must have at least two years of prior military experience
And volunteer from other formations for two year assignments with the SSG
noncommissioned officers and enlisted men
Volunteer from other formations to serve permanently in the SSG as well as all trainees must participate in a nine-month
SSG course and cheer at physical training includes doing a 36 mile march in
24 hours so these guys are the real deal, they don’t play around
training with the same people and the same
Instructors can get pretty tedious and also put you in the danger of being obsolete since the rest of the world is
moving in new ways of training so it’s super important that soldiers interact with other countries and
Airways of training this is also a good way to keep the enemy tactics in mind and so the SSG conducts
biannual exercises with the Turkish Special Forces
Which they have designated as the Auto Turk series during the 1980s into the 1990s?
SSG held many similar training exercises with the US Special Forces also, okay?
So the SSG Navy was actually created after the SSG
army after the indo-pakistani war in
1965 the Pakistan Navy under the advice of the US Navy decided to create its own Special Warfare unit
the SSG n in 1966 by
1967 the United States had finally lifted its embargo on Pakistan therefore allowing the United

Hope you guys learned something new and by no means is this all the facts that there is to know about them
We also did a video on the ISI in Pakistan so you can check that video down as well
We’ve also done the military power of Pakistan. We’ve done a lot of videos about Pakistan

Amazing Facts About Pakistan Army

Pakistan’s Armed Forces are the sixth
largest in the world in terms of active
military personnel and the largest among
Muslim countries.

MM Alam holds the record of having down
five indian aircraft in less than a
minute during in the park war of 1965
harlem is considered as a national hero
of pakistan most significantly for his
remarkable show of brilliance in the war
of 1965 he was voted with solid europe
and also the bond medal pakistan army is
the largest women on foods in muslim
world. pakistan is the only country in Islamic
world to have women many Germans in army
there are 9,000 women’s of serving in
Pakistan Armed Forces Special Forces and
intelligence agencies Pakistan is the
seventh nation in the world to
successfully develop nuclear weapons in
1998 expert says Pakistan could have the
third largest nuclear stockpile within a
decade Pakistan Army is one of the
largest contributor of UN peacekeeping
missions around the world since 1965
stan has been actively involved in most
of the UN peacekeeping missions in 23

Pakistan Air Force is the only who shot
Downton azides fighter jets during the
six-day war in 1967 between Israel and
other countries Pakistani pilots voluntarily joined the Armed Forces of Egypt Syria and Jordan and shot down 10 Israeli fighter jets 12 Valenta fighters killed direct hits against Israeli
aircraft and suffered no losses.

Pakistan’s ISI is considered as the best
intelligence agency in The Verge
ISI is not just intelligence agency it
is a system which controls the whole
Pakistan without me considering the
power of decision making commands way to
tackle enemies bravery and T pie of
national and international concern
general Hill Sharif is declared as the
world best military commander General
Raheel Sharif appointed as chief of
Islamic military alliance of 39 nations
in 2017 Pakistan became the first nation
in the world following United States
United Kingdom and Israel to use an
armed drone to conduct target killing
battle of tremenda was the party arcueid
campaigned in indo-pak war of 1965 it
was one of the largest tank battle in
history since the Battle of kooks in
world war ii john of twin the sialkot is
also known as graveyard of indian army
india lost more than 150 tanks and
hundreds of infantry vehicles.
Pakistan is much stronger but many countries
like Afganistan, Israel, and India fully focusing
on how to destroy the peace of Pakistan. Afghanistan
considers us responsible for the American attack on
Afghanistan. But we love our country. We can fight till
our last breath for our country.but unfortunately, our
politicians are mostly corrupt they not doing political
tasks honestly and that is the weak point of our country.and
also India, America, and Israel using their secret agents to
start the 5th generation war inside Pakistan . They wanna see
the Pakistan not in peaceful condition and as a growing
economical country .

We Pakistanis know it very well that we r not best
in having weapons n military strength but i make you
believe it that we will die or protect our country there
is no other option……By the grace of Allah almighty we
have eliminated 90% terrorists frm our country now there are
2 opertions running successfully in Pakistan against terrorists.

Differences Between INDIA and PAKISTAN

India and Pakistan are two countries that probably have one of the biggest love-hate relationships in the world in fact if you think about their
Relationship and compares that to what people say about women you say you can’t live with them
You can’t live without them welcome back to another episode of FTD facts. My name is Leroy Kenton. This is a channel
where we talk about everything and
Everything and this is a pretty exciting one. I’m going to be talking about Indian and Pakistan
What’s the big difference?

Here because like myself and many other people from the west for the most part we actually have no clues
So I did some digging just to find out what exactly makes Indians and Pakistanis
Different so to begin we got to do a little bit of a history lesson
So you ready for this the Indian subcontinent used to be ruled by the British Empire for almost 200 years?
But when world war II ended the British were in no position to hold on to their stronghold over the Indian subcontinent
But the British didn’t leave before partitioning the Indian subcontinent into two separate nation
India and Pakistan on the date of August 14 1947 Pakistan became an independent country
However, there was no correct way to divide the line with the hindu majorities as well as the muslim majorities
How do you divide that there was a mixture of people of different faiths all over the Indian subcontinent?
Because of this improper partitioning of the Indian subcontinent
There was mass scale casualties on both sides
Violence broke out all over the country and the partition left over a million dead and almost 20 million people were displaced from their home
It’s been almost 70 years since this separation
And it goes without saying that the last 70 years haven’t been the easiest for either
Countries both of them have to overcome hurdles and challenges and had to really work hard to get global recognition in many Different fields
So we have a little brief history lesson if you want to find out more about the Indian and Pakistan
Partition you got to check out our video the choose behind the India-Pakistan
Conflict, I’ve deleted that down below. I go in a lot of detail about it, but moving forward now
Let’s take a look at some of the cultural differences the language differences
Well as there’s some differences that exists only because the two places are now two separate countries, but they’re not really major differences
It’s just the fact that they’re two different countries
That’s why those differences exist now the population of India at the time of filming this is one
billion three hundred and Forty two million five hundred and fifty two thousand seven hundred and Twenty five

Pakistan’s population in Comparison is
196 million seven hundred and fifty-four thousand four hundred people India is considered a secular nation whereas
Pakistan is considered a muslim state and just to give you a little bit of background about that
India was conceived as a secular democracy by National Congress leads such as gandhi and Jawaharlal
Nehru it was meant to guarantee all the people in the South asian subcontinent
political and religious freedom however people like muhammad Ali Jinnah considered to be the father of
Pakistan as well as other Muslim congress leaders were the driving forces behind the formation of
Pakistan and so it became a muslim state and taking of that actually one of the biggest differences between the two countries is
religion although
India is considered a secular nation by majority 80% of people
Identify as hindus while of course the majority of people in Pakistan identify as Muslim
It’s also interesting to note that Pakistan has the second largest Muslim population
In the whole world now one thing to address and I know the point may be a little controversial, but there’s no specific
single Pakistan Culture separate from a specific Indian culture it’s like having a plate of food you know with your rice chicken and
Vegetables, and that plate of food is divided and then now it’s like oh, we were once the same plate of food
But you have more chicken so therefore the chicken is your culture weight, but that was part of my culture
Yeah, probably not the best analogy
But I think you get the point Pakistan alone is five times smaller than India and there’s about 300 dialects and languages
the count four dialects and languages in India number over
1500 well let’s take a look more into the language differences
There’s two official languages for communication in Pakistan and those are gu and English
Now there are several regional languages of Kazan and those are Cindy Punjabi, Bellucci, Pashto
Karachi’s Gory and Hint Ku but the national language of Pakistan is purdue when it comes to the languages in India
The two official languages for communication in India are English and hindi and yes
There are also original languages
And those are gujarati marathi tamil purdue as well Sanskrit Punjabi
and there’s many more and the national language in India is hindi the national animal of India is this guy the
Bengal Tiger the marquart is the national animal of Pakistan and I have to look this up, and it’s the species of goat
I’ve never heard of this before until this video in terms of currency Pakistan uses Pakistani rupees
India uses Indian rupees pretty self-explanatory the most popular greeting in Pakistan is salaam alaikum
India there are several like namaste Rom Rom dry Serum and such Sri akaal now
Let’s talk about the difference in Death
Pakistan after the Death of any
Muslim the body actually needs to be buried as quickly as possible from the time of death. This is according to islamic law
to prepare the body for burial
It has to be washed and covered with
Cop on and cop on you can also call that a shroud or a cloth now in India when I hindi dies
Hindus don’t necessarily Bury their bodies instead
They’re burnt and after the burning of the bodies the ashes are sprinkled in the ganges River or any other sacred body of water
Now finally let’s talk about the cuisines the food
the good
Stuff as you can tell India is a big place right one of the biggest populations
On the planet and of course it used to be bigger it consisted of the areas that are now Pakistan
Bangladesh, Sri Lanka my NMR
Formerly burma
So the notion of Indian food is not entirely accurate to begin with although the term
Pakistani Cuisine is a little bit big too because Pakistan didn’t exist nation until
1947 but for the sake of them now being two different countries
We can make a little bit of a distinction here Pakistani cuisine can be considered a subset of Indian cuisine
but even that subset is pretty diverse in the sense that the
Spices and the ingredients in Indian and Pakistani food are pretty much the same
But the way the food is prepared can be quite different
For example the kind of food that you would find being cooked in a south Indian home would be dal rat some sambar
It’s completely different from Pakistani Kebab, so in many Pakistani dishes very meat, heavy
But there’s a difference between those meat heavy dishes and the vegetarian dishes in some parts of India so yeah again
Describing something as Indian food and Pakistani food is a bit tricky because food isn’t necessarily
National it’s more regional don’t think anyone can be like no, this is Indian food
This is Pakistani food two different things. It’s just not possible
So there you guys go these are some of the difference between the two countries Pakistan and India we see that the certain
fundamental belief systems of each country sort of color the whole culture of each country
But one thing to remember is that there’s no better nation because better is subjective. It’s not objective
So rather than picking someone else’s culture or religious beliefs
Let’s Aim to really understand where they’re coming from because despite everything else. We’re all the same but different
We’re the exact same in the fact that we’re human beings but different in the fact that we’re all individual and have different self-expression
So I say to all of you my brothers and sisters. I love and appreciate all of you for simply being
You I may not agree with everything that you guys have to say and you may not necessarily agree. That’s been good
I have to say in terms of our personal perspective
but if you are a person living on this earth you have some
Values and never let anyone tell you that you’re worthless all right

Things You Didn’t Know About Pakistan

Facts about the Southeast Asian country of
Pakistan the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
as it’s officially known is
bordered by India Afghanistan Iran China
and the Arabian Sea the territory where
current day Pakistan is located was the
site of several ancient cultures and
later kingdoms ruled by Hindus Muslims
Afghans Sikhs and others it has been
ruled by various empires and dynasties
including most recently the British
Empire Pakistan is the only Muslim
country that has been created in the
name of Islam and again its independence
as a result of the Pakistan movement led
by Muhammad Ali Jinnah on August 14 1947
after the United Kingdom agreed to the
partitioning of India if you are new
here welcome be sure to subscribe and
follow us on instagram at a lux okay
that’s enough with the background info
it’s time to take a closer look at this
fascinating country with the 15 things
you didn’t know about Pakistan number
one Pakistan is the fifth most populous
country in the world Pakistan has a
population of over 210 million people as
of the end of 2017 which makes it the
fifth most populated country in the
world behind China India and the United
States and Indonesia its population is
expected to be over 290 million by 2050
number two 60% of footballs are made in
Pakistan Sialkot is a relatively small
city in Punjab Pakistan that exports
about two billion dollars worth of goods
per year about 10 percent of Pakistan’s
total exports notably Sialkot is the
world’s largest producer of hand-sewn
footballs or plug your ears real quick
if you’re not American soccer balls as
they’re referred to in the US their
local factories manufacture between
forty and six
million footballs a year which is
roughly 60% of the world population see
Alcott is the world’s largest center of
surgical instrument manufacturing as
well number three
Pakistan means land of the pure the name
Pakistan was created out of the first
letters of the Pakistani people’s
homeland of Punjab Afghani a Kashmir
Iran Sindh to Karastan and Afghanistan
and the last several letters of their
other homeland
baluchistan the word Pakistan also means
land of the pure in Urdu and Persian
number four the Qura salt mine in
Pakistan is the largest and oldest salt
mine in the world
the kuru salt mine is located in Kura in
the Punjab region of Pakistan it was
discovered in 320 BC and it remains the
world’s oldest and largest salt mine
it’s a major tourist attraction in
Pakistan was about 250,000 visitors
annually and it also produces 350,000
tons of salt every year and is the
country’s largest source of salt
estimates of the salt reserves remaining
in the mine range from 82 million to 600
million tonnes number five the youngest
Nobel Peace Prize winner came from
Pakistan Malala yousufzai became the
world’s youngest Nobel laureate in
history in 2014
receiving the Nobel Peace Prize when she
was just 17 years old as a young
teenager Malala defied the Taliban in
Pakistan and fought for girls to receive
an education her activism resulted in
the Taliban issuing a death threat
against her when she was 15 years old
she was shot in the head by a Taliban
gunman but she survived and became an
even more outspoken advocate for all
children to have equal access to
education Malala is one of only two
Nobel Prize winners that have come from
Pakistan the other was Abdul Salam who
won the award for physics in 1979 number
six Pakistan has the sixth largest armed
force in the world as of 2017 Pakistan
has over 650,000 active military members
making it the sixth largest armed forces
in the world behind chai
India and the United States as well as
North Korea and Russia the Pakistani
military is instrumental in supporting
UN peacekeeping missions Pakistan also
has some of the best trained Air Force
pilots in the world
number seven Pakistan had the first
female prime minister of any Muslim
country benazir bhutto served as the
prime minister of pakistan from 1988 to
1990 and again from 1993 to 1996 making
her the first woman to head a democratic
government in a muslim-majority nation
tragically Bhutto was assassinated in
2007 as she was waving to a crowd from
an opening in the roof of her
bulletproof car an unidentified man
fired three shots at her and then
detonated the suicide vest he was
wearing fatally injuring the prime
minister number eight …..

……Pakistan would not
give permission to film zero dark thirty
in their country the leader of al-qaeda
Osama bin Laden was killed on May 2nd
2011 by US Special Forces during a raid
in Abbottabad Pakistan the 2012 film
zero dark thirty was a dramatic
depiction of the hunt for bin Laden
after the September 11th attacks and his
eventual death at the hands of SEAL team
although Pakistan was obviously an
important backdrop for the story the
filmmakers request to film in the
country were denied by the government
instead the Pakistani scenes were filmed
in India which brought protests from
Hindu nationalist party members who
objected to Pakistani locations being
portrayed on Indian soil the film was
widely acclaimed and was one of the most
successful movies of 2012 at the box
office number nine Pakistan is one of two
Muslim countries that open military
combat jobs to women women have been
fighting in the Pakistani military ever
since the country was founded in 1947
currently they’re about 4,000 women in
active duty in the Pakistani armed
forces including female fighter pilots
as of 2006 Pakistan is the only Muslim
majority country other than Turkey to
allow females to hold combat roles
within the military number 10 Marvel has
a female Pakistani American superhero
Kamala Khan who was the superhero name
of Miss Marvel in
a teenage Pakistani American superhero
character that debuted in August 2013
becoming Marvel’s first Muslim character
to headline their own comic book Khan
has shape-shifting abilities and inhuman
genes Miss Marvel vol 1 no normal was the
best-selling graphic novel in October
2014 and it reached number 2 on the New
York Times bestseller list of graphic
books if you want to learn some more
fascinating facts about the comic-book
giant click on the upper right hand
corner to watch our video of 15 things
you didn’t know about Marvel number 11
Pakistan’s flag symbolizes progress and
light the national flag of Pakistan was
adopted on August 11th 1947 three days
before Pakistan achieved its
independence the flag has a green
background that represents Islam and the
majority Muslims in Pakistan with a
white stripe on one side representing
religious minorities and minority
religions the white crescent moon
symbolizes progress while the five red
star symbolizes light number 12
Pakistan’s k2 Mountain has a 27%
fatality rate the k2 Mountain located on
the border between Pakistan and China is
the second highest mountain peak in the
world at 28,000 251 feet in elevation
just 780 feet or 237 meters shorter than
the highest peak of Mount Everest k2 has
an unfortunate reputation of having a
fatality rate that is three times higher
than Mount Everest 27 percent of
climbers who have attempted to summit
the peak of k2 have died in the process
while only 9% have died while attempting
to climb to the top of Mount Everest
a little over 300 people have summited
k2 and over 80 people have died in the
process 11 of those climbers died in a
single day back in 2008
number 13 martial artist Mohammed Rashid
holds the most World Records in Pakistan
Mohammed Rashid is the founder and
president of the Pakistan Academy of
martial arts and he also has the
distinction of holding the most world
record titles in Pakistan how
over his records are probably not what
she would imagine the titles he holds
includes the most walnuts crushed by
hand in one minute with 201 most walnuts
crushed by an elbow in one minute with
128 the most spins of a fire staff in
one minute with 188 and the most
nunchaku hits in one minute with 350 his
latest record came in 2017 when he
crushed 77 full soda cans to a width of
3 centimeters in less than one minute
number 14 facebook gives Pakistanis
access to free internet in 2015
Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook
would be providing free internet access
for users in Pakistan through their
internet.org initiative the aim of
internet org is to provide free internet
access to people in developing countries
in order to help better connect the
world prior to Facebook providing free
Internet only about 15% of Pakistan’s population
had reliable access to the web Facebook
provides free basic Internet services to
more than a billion people in a total of
63 countries around the world number 15
Shahid Khan is the richest person of
Pakistani origin Shaheed Khan was born
in Lahore Punjab Pakistan in 1950 at the
age of 16 he moved to the United States
to attend college at the age of 28 he
started a company called bumper works
which made car bumpers later he bought a
company he had previously worked for
called flexin Gate and began supplying
bumpers to General Motors Ford and Fiat
Chrysler this made him very financially
successful and today he has a net worth
of eight point seven billion dollars and
is the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars
NFL team and the English league
championship team Fulham FC this makes
him the wealthiest person of Pakistani
origin and is the 158 wealthiest person
in the world now that you’ve learned
some more about Pakistan we’d love to
know which other countries would you
like to learn some more interesting
facts about let us know down in the
comments still here here’s the bonus
fact just for you although Pakistan is a
relatively new country it contains one
of the oldest civilizations in history
megha on the CACCI plane of Baluchistan
dates back to 6500 BC and includes one
of the earliest known farming villages.