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PAKISTAN or TURKEY – Which Military is Better?

You’ll see a side-by-side comparison of the military power of these two amazing countries
Pakistan and Turkey
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so don’t want to begin with this military comparison starting off with the country of Pakistan
the Pakistan armed forces of the military forces of
Pakistan they’re the sixth largest in the entire world in terms of active military
Personnel as well as you’re the largest in all of the Muslim countries Pakistan has the
world’s sixth larges
Nuclear arsenal as well the total manpower available in Pakistan’s military is 95 million
They have a total of six hundred and thirty-seven thousand active personnel and their reserve
personnel are two hundred and eighty-two

Thousand now to introduce
Turkey Turkey ranks 8th in the world for his total military power and what makes a Turkish
military force so
Interesting is that since turkey is the only?
Secular power that can negotiate with Middle Eastern countries at a cultural level the Turkish
army has a huge impact on
middle-eastern relations as well as politics turkeys total manpower available is at 41 million

six hundred and forty thousand
It’s active personnel are a total of three hundred eighty two thousand eight hundred and fifty
And they have a reserve personnel of three hundred and sixty thousand five hundred and sixty-five
now Let’s take a look at the divisions

of their military and compare them side-by-side
Starting off with the pakistani army when we look at the pakistan army. They have a total of
2,920 for combat tanks
And they have two thousand eight hundred and twenty eight armored fighting vehicles
They have a total of 134 rocker projectors, and they’re told artillery equal
3278 as well as they have
465 self-propelled artillery for turkeys army strength they have two thousand four hundred
forty-five combat tanks
7550 armored fighting vehicles they have eight hundred eleven rocket projectors as well as
they have six hundred ninety

seven towed artillery and
1113 self-propelled artillery now. Let’s move on from their army to their Air Forces to see
what’s going on up there
Pakistan has a total of 301 fighter aircraft. They have 394 attack aircraft
261 transport aircrafts 190 trainer aircraft and their total helicopters are at
316 and out of those they have 52 attack helicopters for Turkey they have
207 fighter aircrafts they also have 270 tact aircrafts their transport aircrafts are 439
they have
276 trainer aircrafts and their total helicopters are at
455 and they have 70 attack helicopters now for the comparison of their navies in Pakistan’s
Navy. There’s a total of

197 naval assets
They have 17 patrol crafts eight submarines ten frigates and three-mile warfare vessels in
Turkey’s Navy. They have
194 total naval assets
thirty-four patrol crafts sixteen frigates twelve submarines and nine Corvettes
And they have eleven mine warfare vessels now currently Pakistan has a total defence budget of
seven billion dollars u.s.
But Pakistan is said to increase its defense spending to eight point seven eight billion
dollars u.s.. During the fiscal year of
2017 to 2018 so in the year 2018 now so that’s going to be coming up real soon
if not in effect already now a large portion of Pakistan’s military is going to it’s
Huge budget priorities that are its combat aircraft submarines surface warships
And the country’s various indigenous missile programs

Turkey their defense budget is a little bit higher at eleven point five billion dollars u.s.
And look at this so turkeys defense budget has increased by nearly fifty percent since Jen of
2017 and this is according to the Official Gazette
Despite having a second largest army in NATO Turkey was not among the top 15 military spenders
in the year 2016
And those top sprinters were of course US China Russia

Saudi Arabia as well as India now that concludes your military comparison of Pakistan and Turkey
Let me know all your thoughts and comments down below in the comment
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Amazing Facts About Pakistan Army

Pakistan’s Armed Forces are the sixth
largest in the world in terms of active
military personnel and the largest among
Muslim countries.

MM Alam holds the record of having down
five indian aircraft in less than a
minute during in the park war of 1965
harlem is considered as a national hero
of pakistan most significantly for his
remarkable show of brilliance in the war
of 1965 he was voted with solid europe
and also the bond medal pakistan army is
the largest women on foods in muslim
world. pakistan is the only country in Islamic
world to have women many Germans in army
there are 9,000 women’s of serving in
Pakistan Armed Forces Special Forces and
intelligence agencies Pakistan is the
seventh nation in the world to
successfully develop nuclear weapons in
1998 expert says Pakistan could have the
third largest nuclear stockpile within a
decade Pakistan Army is one of the
largest contributor of UN peacekeeping
missions around the world since 1965
stan has been actively involved in most
of the UN peacekeeping missions in 23

Pakistan Air Force is the only who shot
Downton azides fighter jets during the
six-day war in 1967 between Israel and
other countries Pakistani pilots voluntarily joined the Armed Forces of Egypt Syria and Jordan and shot down 10 Israeli fighter jets 12 Valenta fighters killed direct hits against Israeli
aircraft and suffered no losses.

Pakistan’s ISI is considered as the best
intelligence agency in The Verge
ISI is not just intelligence agency it
is a system which controls the whole
Pakistan without me considering the
power of decision making commands way to
tackle enemies bravery and T pie of
national and international concern
general Hill Sharif is declared as the
world best military commander General
Raheel Sharif appointed as chief of
Islamic military alliance of 39 nations
in 2017 Pakistan became the first nation
in the world following United States
United Kingdom and Israel to use an
armed drone to conduct target killing
battle of tremenda was the party arcueid
campaigned in indo-pak war of 1965 it
was one of the largest tank battle in
history since the Battle of kooks in
world war ii john of twin the sialkot is
also known as graveyard of indian army
india lost more than 150 tanks and
hundreds of infantry vehicles.
Pakistan is much stronger but many countries
like Afganistan, Israel, and India fully focusing
on how to destroy the peace of Pakistan. Afghanistan
considers us responsible for the American attack on
Afghanistan. But we love our country. We can fight till
our last breath for our country.but unfortunately, our
politicians are mostly corrupt they not doing political
tasks honestly and that is the weak point of our country.and
also India, America, and Israel using their secret agents to
start the 5th generation war inside Pakistan . They wanna see
the Pakistan not in peaceful condition and as a growing
economical country .

We Pakistanis know it very well that we r not best
in having weapons n military strength but i make you
believe it that we will die or protect our country there
is no other option……By the grace of Allah almighty we
have eliminated 90% terrorists frm our country now there are
2 opertions running successfully in Pakistan against terrorists.


A land where the waters of the Arabian
Sea meet miles and miles of sandy
beaches Delta’s
and mangroves deserts sending infertile planes green
valleys leading the biggest concentration of high mountains anywhere
to be found on the planet this
little-known part of the world is also
home to some amazing wildlife
including the elusive Snow Leopard
ancient civilizations that span
centuries and ruins that give us a
glimpse into a glorious past
we are a warm and hospitable people with
rich traditions
that colorful lives
this is our home this is Pakistan.

Pakistan geographical location makes it
an ideal gateway for regional and
international trade opportunities
as it embarks upon a new era of progress
the old Silk Route is transforming into
the china-pakistan economic corridor or
CPEC as it gears up to positively change
the fate of the region
today it is a country where our culture
influences global fashion our music
transcends borders and languages our
food amplifies our passion for
expression and sports brings us all
together passionately Pakistan whether
mighty Karakoram the Himalayas and the
Hindu Kush come together in the north
where five of the world’s 11 8,000 meter
peaks rest amongst the biggest
concentration of high mountains and the
largest mountain glaciers on the planet
heli ski is a sport where skiers are
taken to mountain slopes that are only
accessible by helicopters and the
Pakistan Army has the best and only
combination of men and machines to
support and make such a sport possible
this adventure has brought our guests to
the town of scuttle in gilgit-baltistan
the guests arrive and are amazed by what
they see in the world
the international guests are in place
the mountains have received the heaviest
snowfall in over 20 years the stage is
set the Rockies look like a little help
as the helicopters start to take the
skiers two slopes over 4,500 meters high
they know they are in for an experience
of a lifetime the pilots and their
machines are now in their element as
their blades cut through the thin
mountain air transporting groups of
skiers to unbelievable locations
so this is Pakistan at its finest how
many people have had the opportunity to
see this the unspoiled beauty of this
gorgeous country people Pakistan I
agreed the scenery is fantastic
another thing I’ve been anyway off like
this no more thanks Pakistan this is one
of the best place in the world to make a
ski Pakistan now if you’re thinking
about this is not a safe place this is
as safe as currently capital in Germany
gotta come they’ve got to explore it
they’ve got to see Pakistan for what it
is is a country that is at the forefront
of transformation and from a business
perspective it’s on the up and up it was
so cool getting in an army played really
cool I can’t wait to do it again focused
on pilots were absolutely amazing
they’re so friendly and so professional
it’s such a perfect place just the
culture is rich the mountains are
amazing the scenery just if you may feel
extremely welcome just come here have a
look enjoy the nature or get to know the
people the potential is big huge and
there will be a terrain for everyone so
I’d highly advise anyone who’s looking
to go for a difference for the trip
Pakistan is the place to come to
the idea is to make them ambassadors for
us if we give them a sense for who we
truly are and what this place is really
about they’ll go tell the story to their
friends and their friends will tell the
story to their friends and before you
know it the true message if the country
will come out
the excitement the adventure the
memories as the skiers depart they know
they have had a taste of something quite
rare than very special the north of
Pakistan is the undiscovered arena of
winter sport and adventure an endless
Wonderland that is waiting to be