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Most COMMON MYTHS About PAKISTAN, is pakistan safe ? – Are They True?

Hey guys I’m Ava and over the last seven
or eight months I’ve been traveling
Pakistan pretty thoroughly I’ve seen
pretty much the entire country from
north to south and east to west I’ve
been to quite a lot of places whenever I
tell my friends from abroad about
Pakistan they are almost always
surprised because when you think
Pakistan you don’t immediately follow up
that thought with all my next perfect
summer destination in fact you probably
think hmm it’s pretty dangerous out
there isn’t it I’ve made this vlog to
prove you wrong because in this vlogs
speaking from experience speaking from
the experience of having seen so many
places here from having met so many
people here and having gathered so many
stories I want to debunk some of the
most common myths that surround Pakistan
and through that I want to give you a
more accurate picture of what Pakistan
is actually like so without much further
ado let’s get started come on myth
number one it’s just sand and there’s
nothing to see oh you’re so wrong I mean
let me just start by saying that
Pakistan is one of the most diverse
countries in terms of landscape from the
beaches by the Arabian Sea in the south
of the country to some of the world’s
highest mountains up north the world’s
second highest mountain k2 is in
Pakistan in fact they have so many
mountains that are between 4,000 and
5,000 meters that they stopped even
naming them now if you think that Mont
Blanc is a big deal in Europe come to
Pakistan it wouldn’t even have a name
here but on a more serious note Pakistan
has served the most diverse and
beautiful landscapes I’ve seen in fact
one destination called swat is often
compared to Switzerland and often called
the Switzerland of Asia but those of us
in the know know that Switzerland really
is the sort of Europe but beyond that
there’s also all the cities you know the
bustling metropolises Karachi in the
south with over 20
million people who lived there then
you’ve got Lahore a cultural capital
with mosques and architecture dating
back to the Mughal era it’s that’s a lot
to see there’s a lot to see it’s not
just an in fact there is not that much
sand here just come and see it for
common myth number two the people are
violent and hostile and hate Americans
not true just simply not true the people
of Pakistan are some of the most
welcoming and hospitable people I’ve met
on all of my travels I can’t even tell
you how many times I have been offered
chai tea or to come for dinner or to
stay at someone’s place or to be helped
out or to try something or to do
something or to go somewhere together I
receive invitations to do stuff from
people that don’t know me on a daily
basis just because I am a tourist and
just because I am a guest here I think
Pakistanis often pride themselves on
being the most welcoming nation in the
world and in fact one of the ethnic
groups that live here and that make up
much of Pakistan society the patterns
they have something called the Pashtun
Valley which is a code of honor and this
code of honor it says that guests should
be treated well come on myth number
three women are all oppressed here look
during my time here I have met so many
incredible strong-willed independent
ambitious women in fact all of my
friends are either entrepreneurs own
their own companies work in big
corporations or content creators or
artists women who have their opinions
and who are not afraid to voice them
women who work for themselves I know of
course that in certain parts of the
country if you go to some of the more
rural conservative areas you might
encounter more patriarchal attitudes
towards women of course that’s true but
that is also true of many other
countries not just Pakistan the one
thing that for sure you need to remember
is that the women of Pakistan are the backbone of the
country and trust me they won’t be
afraid to tell you that themselves all right
common myth number four when you come
here you have to cover up even if you’re
a foreign woman that’s simply very very
untrue okay I’ll admit I mean I probably
wouldn’t wear shorts in Pakistan but
that really goes for any other country
in this entire region when you come to
Pakistan all you need to remember is
dress relatively modestly but nothing
special it’s not like you have to wear a
head covering it’s not like you have to
wear a long abaya or anything like that
I know buddy just go out wearing jeans
and a t-shirt or a shirt as for the
question of whether you should wear a
headscarf whether you have to wear a
headscarf no you don’t I would only wear
one out of respect when I go to a place
of worship like a mosque or perhaps if
I’m in a seriously conservative area
which normally you wouldn’t go to anyway
as a tourist so yeah
we’re pretty much whatever you want

within the bounds of reason
misconception number five if you come to
Pakistan you won’t get a visa to India
well it’s true Pakistanis do have a
problem entering India and vice-versa
but if you’re a foreigner and you have
nothing to do with the India Pakistan
conflict then you have nothing to do
with the India Pakistan conflict I have
previously entered India Pakistan India
Pakistan and I never had any issues I
was never asked any questions you can
even cross from one country to the other
via a crossing in Lahore come on myth
number six people don’t know how to
party here very very wrong people do
know how to party here oh yes I’ve seen
people party like crazy now if you’re
talking alcohol because I know that a
lot of people wonder about this before
coming to Pakistan you know the alcohol
ban isn’t 100 percent yes Muslims are
not allowed to buy or sell or consume
alcohol in Pakistan but if you are a
foreigner or if you’re Christian living
here then you can actually get your
hands on some beer or whatever it is
that you want there is even a local
brewery here which operates legally
and which sells alcohol in cities like
Lahore and Karachi and Islamabad
perfectly legally to foreigners and to
Christians but you know I’ll advise that
if you come to Pakistan you kind of get
into the ordinary way of life and you
respect the customs and you get into the
culture so yeah that information was
only if you’re particularly desperate
but moving on to call myth number seven
and this is a big one Pakistan is not
safe this is a pretty difficult one but
it’s probably the most commonly asked
question that I get are someone who has
struggled here quite a lot people
message me all the time on Instagram
asking this very question is it safe or
is it not safe my answer is yes it’s
safe it is actually safe Pakistan is a
very safe country to visit which goes
against probably what you have heard and
probably what you have been fed but I
was through media because you know the
only news in the West that we hear about
Pakistan is when something blows up or
when people die but the reality of the
situation on the ground is that this
country is safe for tourists and
traveling around Pakistan I never felt
unsafe there was only one moment I
remember when I traveled to the southern
province of Balochistan and we were
driving up to this beautiful beach it
was nobody around us suddenly I turn
around and I see that there is another
car behind us that wasn’t there before
and as we turn we make different turns
that car followed us all along the way
and kept it very very close eventually
we stopped by the beach and the car
stopped with us I get out of my car and
I see another person getting out of that
car and by that time I am nervous I’m
not sure who this is this isn’t a person
that I know that any of my friends knew
and a person comes up to me and he looks
me in the eye and he says thank you
thank you for being here I feel so
stupid I was like oh that’s what it is
again another Pakistani person coming up
to me
and being simply welcoming because I’m
then I’m one of the very few tourists
that so that’s what happened
on a personal note in terms of you know
day-to-day safety as a woman especially
as a foreign woman I guess you get the
kind of attention and concern that many
locals even themselves don’t receive
whether that’s fair or not I’m not sure
but I just love being able to experience
someone else’s life and then say thank
you for their hospitality at the end all
right we’re coming to a close boys and
girls and there’s only one more point
that I want to make and this is 0.8 myth
number eight that I want to be debunking
right now in front of you right here and
that myth is that Pakistan is a
terrorist country you probably had this
before I certainly heard this one many
many many times and now first of all I
don’t even know what a terrorist country
is what is exactly isn’t meant to be
like a terrorist government or a place
swarming with terrorists or people are
terrorists I don’t know but Pakistan is
none of those things Pakistan has had a
very difficult history primarily because
of its geographical location but that
doesn’t make it a terrorist country if
you ask an ordinary person on the street
really anyone about their views about
what they think about terrorists and
terrorism they will tell you exactly
what your people back home will tell you
that it’s wrong and that it’s terrible
and that it doesn’t fit in with the
ideals of their religion so no Pakistan
is not a terrorist country Pakistan is a
country of beautiful kind welcoming
people with great Souls and deep hearts
and people who deserve to have their
image and their nation represented in a
fair way so I hope that if you’re
considering to visit Pakistan that you
come here that you take your time
exploring that you agree with me on all
of these points and that you bring back
home the same vision as I know I will
thank you so much for watching if you
have any questions about
to Pakistan don’t hesitate to DM me on
my Instagram right here and if you have
any other myths or misconceptions that
you feel I should address anything about
Pakistan that I should debunk.

Credit To : Eva zu Beck