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I want to welcome you to the Gateway of
Sindh Karachi smaller cousin and a city
overlooked by many tourists but no more
because today I have come to Hyderabad
and I have come to explore it like never
before I think I’ve just found myself in
the busiest place in the world this is
the Russian galley in Hyderabad one of
the main markets in town and this is
crazy intense there’s people everywhere
you can barely get through apparently
there’s kilometers upon kilometers of
this market here so it continues forever
I’m probably not gonna test that
hypothesis but I see so much cool stuff
all around me so
I can’t wait to get exploring do a bit
of shopping as any foreign traveler in
Pakistan will tell you and yes that
includes me for us there is absolutely
no resisting these bustling beautiful
markets it’s a little baby mehndi
dresses for weddings again or at least
that I had like a baby sister alas I
guess these will have to be left to
people who’ll actually use them trust me
I could have stayed there all day and
watched these pretty glistening little
dresses but even more interesting was to
see how they were actually made by the
tailor’s who occupied the back streets
of the market all of these things are
made by hand from scratch
isn’t that amazing but soon enough wewere pulled back into the streets of the
market I’ve just found something really
cool and apparently very Cindy as well
these waistcoats which one should I get
just going to look for wasteful just for
me oh wow you know it always starts with
just one how do you say stylish and
Cindy Hsu Tom needless to say I felt
pretty suit oh and all of these wait
what I think we got ourselves some
but we also got something else Shakira
Shakira how do you say thank you and
Cindy Hsu Cindy Cindy man Ashley
I should be a chance to my first ride in
Hyderabad pretty much anywhere you are
in the world chai gives you that chance
to sit back relax and watch the crowd go
by but in Hyderabad that crowd sucks you
right back in now this place is so crazy
busy I have no idea where I am actually
going I am not even joking this crowd
was crazier than anything I’d ever
experienced even in Karachi
but with jazz super 4G I quickly managed
to find my way out of the market and
toward my next destination found it
let go
to me this is the best thing about
visiting any new city looking at the
architecture people watching and
ultimately finding your way to your
destination even when it gets dark here
in Hyderabad the intensity does not
subside at all after he actually gets
more intense with all the motorbike
lights flashing at me I have no idea
where I’m walking but I think I think I
think I have found an oasis in all this
and that oasis is the most hotly
recommended of every place in town
actually all of Pakistan Haji robbery
I believe that these are all for me
right right right

Oh for me this is the robbery that
pretty much everybody who sent me
recommendations about Hyderabad and said
I need to try this one is pistachio this
is the original I’m gonna go with this
flavor first now I have had a beautiful
once in Karachi and I come I loved it so
I’m just gonna see if this matches up to
what I had there I don’t know I don’t
know if I can literally I’m not kidding
I’m not exaggerating this is literally
the best dessert I’ve had in Pakistan
Hyderabad you’re good to me
because Hyderabad
captain surprisingly I thought I would
give a small little surprise in return
I have come to add a BA in order to
learn a little bit of Sydney so this
lovely double owner
I offered to teach me a little bit since
we’re having a cup of chai moochick egg
cup chai golden easy there’s another
phrase that if you’re a traveler you’ll
probably use all the time and I use all
the time actually in Bordeaux how do you
say Chado in Sydney hello hello hello
hello okay hello hallo
and so I hallowed to the next spot I
don’t know what it is about Hyderabad
but it seems that the people here have a
really really sweet tooth because
another place that everybody told me to
visit it’s called the Bombay bakery and
it is famous for all of its cakes
especially a famous coffee cake but
haven’t come here I just realized
a ridiculously large and long queue
people are telling me that this queue
will take about at least 30 minutes to
actually scatter I mean is it really
worth the hide I guess we have to wait
you know I guess sometimes it pays to be
a girl because I get to skip the gents
queue and I get to go pretty much
straight to the cakes
that’s called exclusive access there
they are
he’s saying I should get the coffee cake
or the chocolate cake but I don’t really
want to choose so don’t judge me it’s
awesome cake to give you an almond cake
and it gonna be cake and they’re just
about to give me a chocolate cake as
well Hyderabad I love you
guess how many cakes I would eventually
walk out with
this is over me
right I’m here and I’m here to sample
all of these got two cakes right here
three four five six cake number one you
love it
the famous coffee cake of Bombay bakery
this is what all the hype is about I
love coffee this is perfect you know to
think about Bombay bakery and that it’s
been around for like over hundred years
that’s a you know much older than
probably most food establishments in all
of Pakistan 3-partition I’m very excited
to be here and trying out their next
case oh good
three down three to go good cake we have
these back home Wow mm-hmm just like
back home macaroon cake
you didn’t see this this is my favorite
so far last case here we have obviously
a chocolate cake an explosion of
sweetness and chocolate in your mouth
just look at them they were still
staring at me in all their glory and all
of their deliciousness but I am done and
there we are ladies and gentlemen that
was my experience of Hyderabad a city
that I found to be sweet and colorful
and stylish and a city that I know I
will never ever again compare to Karachi
a city that’s actually taught me a lot
about perspective Hyderabad I know I’ll
keep coming back you.

Credit to : Eva zu Beck


What’s up guys? Since we came here to visit the valley of Naran, I thought why not make a guide!

This is a guide from Karachi to Naran

You don’t need to follow it, but it would be better if you do.

7 o’clock in the morning, get to the airport.

You may not enjoy the trip alone so better to get some friends to tag along.

As soon as you reach Lahore, call the Toyota dealership.

“Hello Toyota, this is Irfan speaking from Scnz TV.”

“Uh, actually I needed a car..


The airplane journey is over now. From now on, the remaining journey is by road.

And you already are familiar with our car wonders.

And yeah, it can get cold out there, so get some warm clothes…

…no matter how big of a Superman you are.

By now, you would be starving.

So since you are in Lahore, taste some “Phajjay Kay Paey” (Phajjay’s Trotter Curry).

Uncle, where is the old “Phajjay” joint?

That way.

I know that many people don’t like “Paey” (trotter curry).

But you’re here in Lahore, and on a road trip…
Why not try “Paey”?

Look, it isn’t mandatory, but it’s cool if you try it!

I’d recommend trying it!

After trying “Paey”, leave for Kallar Kahar.

You’ve come all this way. You wouldn’t mind going for a swim, would you?

Do it, bro, do it.
You’re on a trip, yeah? Just do it! 😉

That’s enough for today.
Time to eat and bounce!

Then reach Islamabad.

And it’ll be warmer than you think!

If you are wondering why your bro is wearing a hoodie in August…

Well, heat is temporary…

…but SWAG is permanent. 😉

Have some “Pulao” (Rice & Beef meal) for breakfast so that you wouldn’t even need to have lunch.

But I forgot to mention, the weather of Islamabad is unpredictable. So be prepared.

Time is short, the challenge is tough and the journey is long.

So no need for useless stop overs.

Oh and of course, refuel your car.

Bro, how long would it take to get to Kaaghan from here?

8 hours.
What time is it now?
5 pm.
8 hours… So that means we’ll be getting there by 3 am?
[Bad calculation]
Don’t judge my math
And switch to another driver because the previous one would have been exhausted by now.
We have gotten a new driver.
This car is good.
Quite fun to drive, seriously!
I usually don’t get my turn to drive.
The drive from Islamabad to Balakot got quite long.
We had planned to reach Naran by now, but decided to stay here overnight and leave in the morning.
And we were told that “Chappal Kabab” are quite famous here.
So us three, we’re on our way to try these “Chappal Kabab”! 😛
I know this oil looks very dark, but the Kababs were out of this world.
You can mistreat your stomach, a little, this time.
It’s your choice, try it if you want to!
Someone recommended my bro Mooroo to check out Moon Restaurant.
So, we’ll have breakfast there.
Nihari (Beef Curry), Chick peas, Naan (bread) , Lassi (buttermilk).
Bring Lassi (buttermilk) first.. Sure!
While waiting for the food, get ready to go to Saif-ul-Malook.
Saif-ul-Malook – you’ve probably heard of it.
If you’re a foodie, there are great snacks you can try at Saif-ul-Malook!

Pakoray, Samosay, Kachori and…
Chicken Korma, Chicken Biryani, Daal Maash (lentils), Chana Sabzi Aalou (mixed veggies), etc.
Eat once, and you’ll keep coming back! 😉
… aaand some other interesting options as well. (medicine for increased libido in men)

You can get it if you want, your bro won’t judge you.
No need to be overly smart.
In case of any incident, the local administration won’t take any responsibility.
Look love (bro), listen to me for once! 😉
There is an outdoor activity here, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.
I won’t judge you. Do it at your own risk. I’m just saying it’s a possibility.
And also, your bro is like Akshay Kumar, right?
I mean, not coming slow
If you get tired while recording videos, pass your phone to your friend.
Enjoying the ‘scenes’ (view) is much more important.
Check into PTDC hotel.
(Pakistan Tourism Development Corportation PTDC)
Chuck your stuff in your room…
…and get to Punjab Tikka House.
Tell Zahid to turn it up…
…and leave the rest up to him.
Wow, dinner was superb, man!
Trout fish and salty lamb tikka.
It’s not essential.
I am talking about the drone, but as you can see,
drone shots are money shots!
All thanks to Mooroo Bhai
We didn’t have much time for breakfast, so we ate in the car.
‘Cause there’s a lot of work to be done today.
Like I said, we didn’t have much time to eat.
Ever had corn for Rs.50? (USD 0.50)
Rs.50 isn’t that expensive.
We’re back in Naran for some rafting For people who don’t know how to swim,
better fasten your seatbelts.
By that, I mean have some courage!
If you don’t know how to swim… like me, you would need to have a lot of courage.
After watching such scenes, one can only say…
Woah, what a shot!
Be ready to wake up at 5:00 am the next morning.
See, this is my first time and I am just sharing my experience, so I recommend taking my word for it.
There’s a 3 and a half hour journey ahead… and it’s better to rest.
This is the base camp for trekking the Aansoo Lake (Tear Drop Lake).
The journey from here is about 2 hours long.Grab a bite at the base camp,
You’ll need it. Trust me.
The scenes are as such that the horses don’t go beyond this point.
This is the last hill. Beyond that lies the Aansoo Lake (Tear Drop Lake).
Oxygen level is quite low up here.
I’m out of breath.
Just some support for the hike.
And we’ve acknowledged beforehand that
nobody will be able to save anyone.
It’s every man for himself.
Ahsan Bhai said that last part.
Behind me is Aansoo Lake.
Here I am (your bro) waiting for you…
Just leave what you’re doing at once and get here ASAP.
One simply doesn’t come here everyday.
So I thought to say Salaam (hello) to you.
Hello-ji, how are you? All good?
Wishing you were here.